Lapis Lazuli Bracelet: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Uses

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If you want to ease your struggles, especially the chaos in your mind, wearing a lapis lazuli bracelet helps. Made of the wisdom stone, this jewelry piece reveals the truth to you so you can live in peace.

Lapis lazuli has been around for thousands of years. Traced to be extracted from the first mining sites recorded, it has been a staple gem throughout history. And even today, this crystal still holds its relevance.

In this article, we'll explore the meaning of a lapis lazuli bracelet. By the end of this post, you’ll learn about its healing properties, uses, and how it can benefit your life.

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet Meaning

The lapis lazuli bracelet meaning is all about healing. With its direct Latin translation as “stone from heaven,” lapis lazuli is one gem you can turn to when you need to be revitalized.

Beyond that, its rich, celestial blue continues to be a depiction of many things. Power, energy, and perception. It represents wisdom and truth everywhere.

Because of its healing properties, lapis lazuli is popular. This precious stone even earned the name "The Wisdom Stone." It got the title because lapis lazuli attracts truth, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment into your inner peace. 

Its iconic blue design was a favorite of the Egyptian pharaohs thousands of years ago. More than its beauty, it is popular because of its many benefits.

Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical Properties

Lapis lazuli was an icon of the starry night in ancient civilizations. It served as protection from the evil eye because of that. Lapis lazuli was used as protection from psychic attacks and brought harmony to those who use it.

By resembling the colors of the heavens, many believed it could ward off the tricks of dark spirits. This stone accomplishes it by channeling the forces of light and inviting wisdom.

Chakra Connections

Lapis Lazuli is beneficial to both the third eye and throat chakras.

Our understanding and control are centered in the third eye chakra. It guides our daily perception of the world and our ideas. When partnered with lapis lazuli, your psychic capacity expands. 

A balanced throat chakra is a way we can speak our truth into the world. Through lapis lazuli, you'll be more inspired to communicate, inspiring you to reveal your true self to others.

As the stone improves both the third eye and throat chakras, you will feel an instant mood improvement. The flow of viewing the world and projection allows you to be free.

Physical Healing Properties

Lapis lazuli has an established history of therapeutic usage. Most known for thyroid and endocrine gland issues therapy due to its links to the throat chakra. 

This powerful gemstone is also believed to be beneficial for the cardiac system. Also, women suffering from menstrual irregularities often use this to ease cramps.

It is a tool traditionally used to improve the immune system and support healthy blood flow. This is because lapis lazuli is thought to purify our organs so they may function at their full potential.

Emotional Healing Properties

Lapis Lazuli increases self-awareness and acceptance of it. It reveals the inner truth. This stone promotes a higher consciousness and the wisdom that comes with it.

It enables the release of things that may have been repressed and allows them to come to the surface. It is a relief to your emotional baggage because lapis lazuli encourages authentic self-expression.

Some of the healing qualities of lapis lazuli are thought to generate vibrations. They activate the mind. This crystal also allows you to be free from the emotions that hold you back. This can help you be a clean slate and have a fresh start. 

Spiritual Healing Properties

Lapis lazuli's spiritual qualities can enhance your senses. It helps you develop your metaphysical talents. One of the earliest spiritual stones known to man, it can help you discover the truth. To show who you are inside.

It is a powerful stone that supports inner peace, insight, and wisdom. Lapis lazuli has a way of removing any anxiety from your decision-making process. It boosts your spirit and motivates you every day.

This crystal bracelet constantly relieves your stress by providing you with serenity. It enables spiritual exploration and the awakening of inner strength. 

Lapis lazuli functions as a protective stone, too, by detecting psychic intrusions. It blocks them and redirects the energy back to their source.

Feng Shui Element

As a stone of the water element, lapis lazuli brings peace into the homes and lives of its user.

Lapis lazuli has the ability to absorb and effectively amplify positive-charged energies. That’s why lapis lazuli jewelry and home decors are not just beautiful. They can also help you manage your thoughts and emotions to a deeper understanding of your inner worth.

If you’re not wearing the stone, feng shui experts recommend placing lapis lazuli in bedrooms and living rooms. They recommend having the crystal face south for prosperity. North for career success, or east for health.

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of wearing lapis lazuli:

  • Helps balance the third eye and throat chakra
  • Inspires clarity and mind grounding
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • Amplified healing
  • Detoxifies negative energy
  • Cleanses and charges other crystals
  • Eases anxiety and stress
  • Improves immune system function
  • Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Can help with insomnia

How to Use Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli can be used in a variety of ways to reap its benefits.

lapis lazuli stone

Wear it as jewelry

Jewelry made of lapis lazuli is not only beautiful but also beneficial. This crystal is used to make blue accents in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Wearing lapis lazuli jewelry is a simple way to take advantage of its healing properties. It makes it accessible to you all day long.

Carry it with you

Carry a piece of lapis lazuli in your pocket if you wish to bring mental clarity to your life. Additionally, you can keep it in your bag or purse for an added boost to your spiritual protection.

Meditate with it

Lapis lazuli is a mystic stone that conveys knowledge to the mind. It communicates to us through visions rather than words. Meditating with it can act as a trigger for increased consciousness.

Place it in your home

Home accessories made of lapis lazuli can give positive energy. It stands as a protection to the household. All family members’ energy can be neutral, creating a peaceful environment.

Which Hand to Wear Your Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Wear the lapis lazuli bracelet on your left hand.

In oriental cultures, it is believed that the left hand is the receiving hand.

Wearing the bracelet on your receiving hand allows you to absorb the healing energy of the crystal.

Wearing the stone on your right hand, aka your projective hand, lets you give away its energy.

How Much is Lapis Lazuli Worth?

A low-grade lapis lazuli may cost less than $1 per carat. A high-grade stone may be valued at $100 or more.

It is worth noting that lapis lazuli is also not a mineral, unlike the majority of other gem materials. Rather, it is a metamorphic rock that is composed of several minerals (aka inclusions), such as pyrite, lazurite, and calcite.

High-quality lapis lazuli stones don’t have many inclusions that create discoloration at the edges. That’s why many prefer lapis lazuli with solid blue color and less visible gold pyrite and white calcite.

How to Tell Real Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Examining the stone's color should often help a keen eye to identify faux lapis lazuli.

Genuine lapis lazuli often has golden specks of pyrites or white calcite veins that make it unique. It’s perfectly imperfect by having specks of gold or white among its deep blue color.

However, it is also important to know that while these inclusions are typically less in high-quality lapis lazuli, that does not make them fake.

Synthetic copy also frequently appears to be more opaque than natural lapis.

Even after holding it in your hand for a long time, you’ll notice that real lapis lazuli will still feel chilly to the touch. Imitations made of plastic will never feel the same, while copies made of glass tend to warm up quickly.

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

You can use the same feng shui concepts on your body as well, not just in your home. Wearing lapis lazuli on your body is another way to work with its energy. 

An embellishment of this stone in a bracelet, ring, or necklace can be a very calming thing. This stone is a security blanket you keep with you throughout the day because it also has a high vibration and very calm energy.

 lapis lazuli bracelet

How to Cleanse Lapis Lazuli

If you just received your lapis lazuli bracelet, using warm, soapy water to clean it is enough to cleanse the stone. Rinse it well, then carefully with a towel or soft cloth.

If you’ve used it for a long time now, you can also cleanse and charge it with other crystals, specifically clear quartz or selenite. This method allows the release of the negative energies trapped in lapis lazuli. Placing it beside another healing stone could clear the impurities accumulated. 

A cleansed lapis lazuli should feel lighter to use after your purifying methods.

The Takeaway

Lapis lazuli is a crystal full of wisdom. It can be used for healing, spiritual growth, and protection.

If you're looking for a stone to help you feel more secure, lapis lazuli can be an excellent choice. If you're going through a difficult time in your life, it helps you stay grounded while clearing your mind.

Do you have lapis lazuli in your collection? Share your experiences with this special crystal in the comments below.

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