How to Use Citrine to Attract Money: 7 Effective Ways

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When it comes to crystals that attract money, citrine can be one of your best companions.

This yellow-orange gemstone is believed to contain positive vibrations that are aligned with the energy of prosperity.

Many have been turning to this stone to manifest their intentions of abundance.

But, how can such a crystal help you attain more wealth in your life?

And most importantly, how should you use citrine to attract the energy of money?

Let’s find out the answers in this guide.


Understanding Citrine: The Stone of Manifestation

In the practice of energy work, it is believed that our intentions emit specific vibrations.

These vibrations affect how we experience life.

Since ancient times, crystals have been used to balance or amplify these energies.

Crystals are said to contain particular frequencies that can align with a specific intention.

That’s why they are often used in healing and enhancing one’s power and potential. And the citrine benefits are no exception.

As a manifestation stone, citrine is used to amplify the energy of our intentions.

This is especially true for intentions of wealth and prosperity because citrine is also known as “The Stone of Abundance.”

For this reason, this yellow quartz crystal has been widely used to attract money.


7 Ways to Use Citrine to Attract Money

Now that you know how citrine works, it’s time to use it to attract the energy of money. Here are seven ways you can incorporate the stone into your daily life.


Display citrine ornaments at home

Displaying citrine ornaments at home is a traditional way to invite the energy of money into your space.

But, don’t just place it in any part of your home.

Instead, display your citrine ornament in the wealth area of your house.

According to the feng shui Bagua map, the wealth area is in the southeast corner of your home. This is when you’re looking in, standing at your front door.

Displaying a gemstone ornament like the citrine money tree will help activate your wealth area. As a result, it allows a good flow of money energy in your space.

Ideal for: Anyone

Citrine Type: Citrine ornaments


citrine money tree gemstone ornament



Place citrine in your cash register

Citrine also goes by the name, “The Merchant’s Stone.”

This stone is said to promote optimism in the workplace and inspire courage to explore possibilities that could lead to the success of your endeavors.

That’s why many traders use it to enhance their business success luck.

If you own a business, place a small citrine stone inside your cash register or drawer to attract the energy of success into your workspace.

Ideal for: Business owners and entrepreneurs

Citrine Type: Tumbled stone


Carry a small citrine stone

If you wish to find success in your career, you should also carry a piece of citrine with you at all times.

You can place it in your wallet, pocket, or bag.

This method works great if you’re applying for a job, advancing your career, or closing a deal.

The key here is to keep the stone close to you at all times.

Having the citrine with you creates a deeper bond between you and the crystal.

The stronger the bond, the more you’ll benefit from the crystal’s energy.

Ideal for: Employees, workers

Citrine Type: Tumbled stone


Wear citrine as a bracelet

Wearing a citrine bracelet is a modern way of using the stone.

In the previous method, you carry a piece of citrine to create a stronger bond with the stone. The same concept applies here.

However, this practice works more effectively because you are in direct contact with the stone as opposed to keeping it in your wallet, pocket, or bag.

If you’re choosing this method, be sure to find out which hand to wear a citrine bracelet to activate its energy.

As a rule of thumb, you should wear it on your left hand, which is considered the receiving hand in feng shui.

Ideal for: Anyone

Citrine Type: Citrine bracelet


citrine the god of wealth bracelet



Meditate with citrine

If you’re someone who meditates regularly, this method is for you.

All you need to do is to incorporate citrine in your mediation practice.

As a manifestation stone, citrine can absorb energies and help amplify them.

Meditating with citrine lets you store the vibrations of your intentions onto the stone.

The crystal will then amplify these vibrations that can speed up manifesting your intentions.

When meditating with citrine, project your thoughts of abundance into the crystal.

Establish a connection for no longer than 20 to 30 minutes daily.

Ideal for: People who meditate regularly

Citrine Type: Citrine geodes or tower


Make a crystal grid

A crystal grid is the practice of arranging gemstones in sacred geometric shapes to manifest your intentions.

It’s another way to use citrine to attract money.

In this method, you have to place small pieces of citrine in a specific pattern on your altar.

Then, place a bigger citrine stone such as a crystal tower to enhance the energy of your gemstones.

Finally, activate the grid by chanting your intentions of abundance.

You may also use other smaller stones such as clear quartz and selenite to amplify the energy of citrine.

Ideal for: Crystal enthusiasts

Citrine Type: Small pieces of citrine and a crystal tower


Create a citrine elixir

A citrine elixir is another way to infuse the essence of the stone with your energy.

Here, you have to place a citrine crystal in your gemstone water bottle.

Let it rest for several minutes to mix the water with citrine’s powers.

Many believe that the elixir will give you the prosperous energy of citrine, bringing good luck into your life.

Ideal for: Anyone

Citrine Type: Tumbled stone

crystal infusion water bottle


Setting Your Intentions with Citrine

Like most crystals, you have to program your intention onto the citrine stone to activate its energy.

To do this:

  1. Think about the intention that you want to manifest, i.e., improved wealth and abundance.
  2. Turn this intention into an affirmation. For instance, you can say, “Abundance is drawn to me, I am a magnet for wealth.”
  3. Speak this affirmation while holding the stone.
  4. Repeat the affirmation a few times until you feel that the crystal has absorbed the energy of your intention.

In addition, make sure to cleanse your citrine crystal every now and then to restore its vibrations.


Wrapping Up: Does Citrine Really Attract Money?

Yes, citrine does attract money.

Citrine is one of the most powerful stones to enhance wealth in both crystal healing and feng shui.

Many have claimed it has helped them find success in business, improve their finances, and manifest their dreams of abundance.

As a result, it has been dubbed as the merchant’s stone, the stone of abundance, and the stone of manifestation.

There are many ways to use citrine to attract money.

Choose the method that best suits you and incorporate the citrine stone into your daily life!


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    I have always been drawn to the beautiful Citrine stone…perhaps it’s because I am a Aries..
    What I have noticed is when I have taken off my Citrine stone ring to cleanse ,I feel incomplete and have this feeling of emptiness.
    Is this suppose to happen as,no sooner than my ring is back on my right Index finger I just feel a warmth and positive feelings.

  • Yusuph Tete

    Citrine stone for my business attract money.

  • Yusuph Tete

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