How to Tell Real Orgonite Pyramids from Fake

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If you're new to orgonite, you may be wondering how to tell if orgonite is real.

Orgonite is a type of crystal that has been used for centuries to protect against negative energy and EMF radiation. It is said to have many healing properties and is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world.

However, not all orgonite is created equally. There are many fakes and imitations on the market, so it's important to know how to identify real orgonite pieces.

In this article, we will discuss the key features of genuine orgonite, so that you can be sure you're getting the real thing.


The Key Features of Real Orgonite

Real orgonite pyramids are made of two important materials:


A genuine orgone energy device is made of organic materials such as resin. Sometimes, it can also be made of quartz.

Metal Shavings

You should also find inorganic materials present in your energy tool. When we say inorganic, we refer to metal shavings in the pyramid.


For orgonite pyramids to work effectively, they must be made ideally of these two materials in a 50:50 ratio.

The organic material allows the device to absorb positive orgone energy. Meanwhile, the inorganic material is responsible for dispersing the energy in your surroundings.

As a result, combining the two creates a harmonious space free of negative energies.


Bonus: Gemstones and Crystals

While not required, orgonite pyramids also benefit from having crystals infused with them. These crystals inspire additional various effects depending on the gemstone used.

Find out what crystals can do for your orgone energy devices here.


Watch Out for Fake Orgonite Pyramids

If a pyramid does not have metal shavings and resin, it is not real orgonite.

They are merely crystals suspended in resin.

Although they may look like beautiful art pieces, they are merely just that: art pieces.

They won't work their function to generate orgone energy.

So, if you're looking to buy an orgone energy device, look for devices that combine resin and metal shavings.

Celina Wang

Celina Wang, a seasoned Feng Shui and crystal healing enthusiast, shares a decade of expertise on the Buddha & Karma blog. Inspired by her travels in East Asia and love for nature, she guides readers through the transformative world of Feng Shui and crystals, infusing her writing with insights from her peaceful garden meditations.

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  • Lee Marvin Darden

    I purchased one at a flee market. I hope it is real. It looks very nice.

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