How to Activate Your Orgonite Necklace: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Orgonites are healing gems with the ability to eliminate negative energy. If activated, it can bring harmony to different aspects of your life.

In this guide, find out how you can activate your orgonite necklace. Find out what to do before, during, and after wearing the orgone generator necklace.

How to Activate Your Orgonite Necklace in 5 Steps

In Summary

To activate your orgonite necklace: 

  1. Cleanse your necklace with sage smoke or another method; 
  2. Set your intention for the orgonite pendant; 
  3. Meditate with your orgonite necklace on; 
  4. Focus on the orgone energy throughout the day; and 
  5. Speak to your necklace as you would a friend.

Before wearing your orgonite necklace

  1. Cleanse your necklace

Devices made of orgonite have a long lifespan. To keep the tool working effectively, you must take care of it. That means cleansing the orgonite pendant to remove excess negative energy.

There are several techniques for purifying orgonite. These include salt rituals, sound healing, and smudging. But our favorite is smudging, the use of the sage plant to get rid of negative energy. This is because it’s convenient and easy to do.

  1. Set your intentions

Orgonite functions best with intention. Much like most crystals, it has consciousness. It’s affected by your thoughts and motivations.

You give purpose to your orgonite necklace by meditating on it. Before wearing, concentrate on what you want it to accomplish for you. Some people use orgonite for protection against EMF radiation. Others use it to attract positive energy and good luck. Whatever your reason, know your purpose before moving on to the next step.

While wearing your orgonite necklace

  1. Meditate with your orgonite pendant

Orgone is known for fostering spiritual development so it's recommended to meditate while wearing the necklace. Allow your feelings to flow and concentrate on breathing while you wear it.

The key to meditation with your orgone necklace is not how long but how often you do it. Start your day in silence with your pendant. Let it reduce the negative energy around you so you will feel relaxed throughout the day.

  1. Focus on your orgone necklace

You may sense the strength and rejuvenation of orgonite just by looking at any images of it. While wearing one, be on the lookout for instances where your necklace emits its own healing vibrations.

Turn to it like a companion if you need a boost of energy. Sitting all day can drain you in many ways. Orgonite necklaces are at your disposal to recuperate whatever may have been lost.

After wearing your orgonite necklace

  1. Talk to your Orgonite Necklace

The orgonite alone does not need to be recharged often for it to work. But if used daily, the crystals inside your pendant may need your energy as well.

Make an effort to feel the crystal instead of merely looking at it. Share back its power by communicating your thoughts and emotions. Speak to it as you would a friend that you trust.

For instance, you may say, “Thank you for protecting me from EMF radiation.” Or, “I feel more positive and confident because of you.” These affirmations will keep your orgonite necklace working for a long time.

How to Cleanse Your Orgonite Necklace

Unlike most crystals, orgonite necklaces do not require constant cleansing or charging.

But if the pendant already feels dull or heavy, we recommend smudging it.

To smudge your orgone necklace:

  1. Gather your materials: a sage stick, a bowl of sand, and your orgonite necklace.
  2. Light the sage and allow it to burn for a few seconds.
  3. Blow out the flame and let the smoke waft over the orgonite.
  4. Move the pendant around in the smoke until you feel the negative energy has been released.
  5. Place the orgonite in the bowl of sand to catch any falling ashes.
  6. Leave it there overnight.
  7. When you’re ready, put your orgonite necklace back on.

How to Wear an Orgonite Necklace

Orgonite necklaces can be worn any way you like. The only thing to keep in mind is that the orgonite pendant should be close to your body for it to work effectively.

The Importance of Wearing Orgonite Necklace Properly

You can experience the benefits of orgone energy when you wear an orgonite necklace. Your energy is continually being purified and restored to its stable condition. This is all because the crystal is in constant contact with your body.

This orgone pendant also includes other carefully chosen stones that correspond to each of the seven chakras. Every stone purportedly removes blockages from your energy centers.

This makes it possible for good energy to enter your chakra system. Positive energies inspire healing effects on the body when it flows through your system.

With orgonite and all 7 chakra stones combined, wearing this necklace helps improve your entire well-being.

7 chakra orgonite necklace

Orgonite Necklace FAQs

What is an orgonite necklace for?

This powerful necklace helps you meditate better and advance your spiritual development. If you experience the negative impacts of EMF, orgone necklaces can also be a great source of relief.

Who can and cannot wear an orgonite necklace?

Since orgone is a universal energy source, there is no exclusion with regard to its usage. Even young kids that are exposed early to electronic gadgets are also recommended to wear it. 

The question of who needs it most should bear more weight. People who work in the digital industry are advised to carry a piece of orgonite with them. Overexposure to EMFs can harm your energy and affect your well-being.

How do you wear an orgonite necklace?

There is no right or wrong way to wear the necklace. But to make the most out of its EMF protection, it is recommended that you wear it if you work in front of a computer. 

The chance of EMF exposure can be high in your workplace so be wary of always wearing your necklace.

Where can I place orgonite at home?

It is still best to have larger pieces in your home environment. An amethyst orgone pyramid by your computer or TV could make a huge energy shift in your home. 

If you are still yet to get one, placing your orgone necklace beside your electronics could still work. While it cannot protect an entire house, it can still block harmful EMFs.

Can I wear an orgonite necklace to sleep?

Yes, you can wear an orgonite necklace to sleep. Placing it under your pillow or near your bed could also work. Other than blocking EMFs from your mobile phone, doing this will be good in improving sleep quality. 

Orgonite necklaces also aid people suffering from insomnia and lucid dreams.

Can I wear an orgonite necklace to the toilet?

No, we don’t recommend wearing it while taking a shower.

Be warned that orgonite necklaces should not be submerged underwater for long periods of time. Doing this may affect the resin and could possibly break the pendant, as well as the rope necklace.

Can I wear my orgonite necklace with another necklace?

Yes, it’s okay to wear another necklace if you prefer it.

Can I expose my orgonite necklace to the sun?

Your pendant should not be placed in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Wearing it while doing outdoors activities is not advised. Doing so may damage the crystals inside it.

Orgonite Necklace Benefits

Few of orgonite necklace's notable benefits are described below:

  • Improved sleep pattern
  • Helps plants grow faster
  • Purifies the air
  • Balances moods
  • Promotes calm and relaxation
  • Psychological and spiritual healing
  • Decreases sensitivity to unbalanced forces
  • Protection from unnecessary energies


Now that you know how to activate your orgonite necklace, it’s time to wear it!

There are many benefits to wearing an orgonite. In general, it helps cleanse the body. It also purifies energy points so we can achieve the perfect balance. It also protects you from negative energies and harmonizes your chakras.

By wearing an orgone generator necklace, you may take advantage of the many benefits this crystal offers. We hope this post helped you know more about this necklace!

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