Feng Shui Spring Tips: Welcome Fresh Energy with This Guide

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The long, cold, and dark days of winter are over! That means it’s time for a fresh burst of energy brought by the vibrant spring season. But how do you attract this renewing energy to improve your life? By following the Feng Shui tips below!

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    Feng Shui & Spring: What You Need to Know

    feng shui spring

    In Feng Shui, spring is intimately connected with the “Family and Health” aspect of your life. This bagua area is crucial for nurturing your physical well-being, strengthening family bonds, and ensuring a supportive home environment.

    It’s a season that is especially beneficial for those looking to enhance their health, foster harmony within the family, or rejuvenate their living spaces. This is because the positive energy that flows in this area supports healing, growth, and the fortification of personal relationships.

    If rejuvenation and harmony are what you seek, the renewing energy of the spring season offers a powerful ally. In Feng Shui, the wood element is predominant during spring, symbolizing growth, vitality, and resilience. Wood represents the energy of new beginnings, mirroring the natural world as it awakens and renews itself after the dormancy of winter. It is the perfect element for individuals aiming to improve their health, nurture their family relationships, or simply to infuse their life with a sense of renewal and vigor.

    By aligning with the principles of Feng Shui in this season, you can foster a nurturing environment that promotes well-being, encourages growth, and strengthens the bonds of kinship.


    What are the Benefits of Feng Shui During Spring?

    Harnessing the wood energy of spring and maintaining balance among the elements can significantly enhance your overall well-being. Here’s how incorporating Feng Shui principles can enrich your life this season:

    1. Strengthen Family Bonds and Health: Spring is connected to the Family and Health area in Feng Shui, emphasizing the growth and nurturing of family relationships and the enhancement of your physical and emotional health. By focusing on the energy flow in this sector, you can foster stronger connections and a more vibrant health.

    2. Encourage Growth and Renewal: The wood element is synonymous with growth, renewal, and flexibility. Introducing or emphasizing wood energy in your environment can stimulate personal development and rejuvenation, echoing the season's natural expansion and new beginnings.

    3. Boost Vitality and Resilience: Spring's association with the wood element also highlights the importance of vitality, resilience, and adaptability. Engaging with this energy can invigorate your life force, making it easier to adapt to changes and bounce back from challenges.

    4. Create a Supportive Living Space: As plants begin to grow and stretch towards the light in spring, your living space can similarly be arranged to support growth and positivity. Feng Shui can help create a nurturing environment that supports your health and the flourishing of all family members.

    5. Align with the Seasonal Energy: Embracing the energy of spring through Feng Shui allows you to synchronize with the season's characteristics of renewal, growth, and forward movement. This alignment makes manifesting your intentions and achieving personal growth more accessible as you ride the wave of the season's natural momentum.


    Feng Shui Tips for Spring: Activate Spring Energy

    1. Wear Wood Element Colors

    Spring is symbolized by the wood element. Wood represents growth and renewal.
    If you wish to bring the fresh energy of the season, it’s best to wear the colors of the wood: blue, green, and teal.

    You may wear accessories of the said colors such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Crystal jewelries are a popular choice for this purpose.

    Or, you may decorate your space with these hues. Just make sure that you add the spring color palette in soft tones to counter yang energy, which brings us to our next tip.

    Feng Shui Spring Tips - Wear Spring Jewelry

    2. Spring Clean Your Home

    Spring is an excellent time to do some deep cleaning not only because it signals new beginnings. Feng Shui-wise, it is also an ideal time to clear out stagnant energy and welcome some fresh chi (life-force energy).

    To do this, start by decluttering your kitchen. That part of your house is tied to your health. Throw away expired food and take out the devices that you no longer use. You’ll be surprised how it could boost your well-being.

    Your bedroom and living room are just as important. So, get rid of unnecessary items to create balance. Make sure to set up your bed so you can see the door, but not right in front of it.

    Don’t forget to clear out your closets, too. This will free up bad energy that’s been sitting in that enclosed space for the past months.

    3. Refresh Your Front Door and Windows

    Aside from cleaning the usual clutter, take advantage of the season to refresh the “mouth” and “eyes” of your home–your front door and windows.

    The front door is the first to welcome the energy that goes into your house. If you wish for prosperity and new opportunities to knock on your door, ensure that your front door area is always clean.

    The same goes for your windows, which affect your perception of the world. Wash glass windows and dust off your windowsill. Don’t forget to change your curtains too with light colors to welcome fresh energy.

    4. Activate Yin Symbols

    Along with the warmth of spring comes the burst of yang energy. This is great if you’ve had too much yin energy from last winter.

    However, the yang energy of the season can become more intense as we near summer. The summer heat can create an imbalance that may disrupt the flow of energy, impacting several aspects of your life.

    That said, you must balance the yang with the yin energy. How? By activating yin symbols.

    Here are several ways to do this:

    1. Display artworks or tapestries depicting the moon
    2. Add shades on your windows
    3. Place rugs on the floor
    4. Create gentle curves and flowing shapes at home, such as adding rounded decorations
    5. Fill your rooms with upholstered furniture
    activate yin symbols

    5. Add Fresh Plants

    Adding fresh flowers, plants, and a bowl of fruits brings lively energy into your space. These things represent abundance so don’t forget to bring the outside in.

    Even better, they help filter the environment so you can breathe clean air. Bringing them into your space should be a no-brainer.

    Pro-tip: Consider the color of the plants. Make sure you stick with the spring color palette to attract vibrant chi.

    If you have fake plants, you should also dust them off to invite new energy. That includes your Feng Shui trees.

    6. Set New Goals

    If you’re looking to refresh your goals, do it.

    The energy of spring is all about renewal and growth. So, take this chance to set new intentions for the year.

    Make your goals come true with the help of spiritual jewelry. These pieces are made to support your new intentions, whether it be abundant life, a healthy body, or peaceful days free of negative energy.

    Click on the image to browse our collection of spiritual jewelry:

    spring collection

    7. Cleanse Your Charms

    Speaking of dusting your Feng Shui trees, you should also cleanse your charms on an energetic level.

    Doing so will restore the natural vibrations of your Feng Shui cures and enhancers. This makes them potent again in attracting good luck, healing, wealth, love, and protection.

    Read this guide on how to cleanse Feng Shui items this spring.


    Attract Fresh Spring Energy Now

    The fresh energy of spring signals a new beginning for anyone who started off the year on the wrong foot. It’s a gentle reminder that, hey, you still have plenty of time to make this the best year.

    And with the help of Feng Shui, you don’t only refresh the energy around you but also your mindset that there’s always a time to start anew.

    how to attract fresh spring energy

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