Dragon Turtle: Meaning and Uses in Feng Shui

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Traditionally, feng shui practitioners used the mythological dragon turtle (or dragon tortoise) as a symbol of ancient wisdom. This post will explore how the dragon turtle came to be and what it means for feng shui today.

What Is the Dragon Turtle?

First mentioned in an ancient Chinese book called the Shan Hai Jing (the Book of Mountains and Seas), the Dragon Turtle served as a guardian of a mystical island and was said to be covered with dragons. 

The book also detailed that only sages, immortals, or chancellors (critical civil officials during the Zhou dynasty) could ride on the back of a dragon turtle. Later on, the dragon turtle fell out of favor with native Chinese feng shui practitioners for a simple reason: it is impossible to harness the energy of a huge reptile, let alone ride on its back. 

While this may sound silly, people were very superstitious during that period. Although the idea of riding on a tortoise dragon was considered too perilous and too risky, the don’t want to cast aside such a powerful creature as the Dragon Turtle. 

What Does the Dragon Turtle Mean?

Nowadays, the dragon turtle has seen a revival in modern feng shui. It is now used as a mythical beast to represent the energy of ancient Chinese wisdom. It is not used for riding but rather to acknowledge the significance of Chinese culture and history in influencing feng shui principles today. 

Like the dragon, the dragon turtle is a sign of power (and a great symbol of prosperity). People use it in feng shui to represent the traditional Chinese way of thinking. It offers good fortune for those who incorporate it into their feng shui home. 

Types of Dragon Turtle

There are three types of the feng shui Dragon Turtle:

Sitting on Gold Coins and Ingots 

The dragon turtle's popularity has led to its use in many forms of artwork and fine handicrafts. It is often illustrated sitting on a bed of coins and gold ingots, which are said to represent health, wealth, good luck, and longevity.

The turtle guards the owner's wealth and helps them attract even more money into their life. It also represents good luck for people who are sick or going through difficult times.

The turtle is also a symbol of life and longevity.

One or Two Baby Turtles Sitting on Its Shell 

The dragon turtle is also known to have one or two baby turtles sitting on its shell. These turtles symbolize wisdom, intelligence, and good luck for people who need help in their life. The mythical creature is a powerful feng shui symbol that can bring positive energy into your home and improve your weaknesses.

Carrying a Wen Chang Pagoda

When a dragon turtle carries a Wen Chang Pagoda on its back, it symbolizes academic success. The Wen Chang Pagoda symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. The dragon turtle represents long life, happiness, and health while carrying the pagoda symbolizes an abundance of all these things.

This combination is also said to bring academic success because the dragon turtle represents wisdom and knowledge. Meanwhile, carrying the pagoda on its back means one can acquire knowledge easily.

Where to Position the Dragon Turtle

Wearing a dragon turtle medallion is suitable for people who need good fortune and prosperity. It is also good for those who have the "turtle qualities" or live in the direction of the two dragons. The dragon turtle has been said to bring these qualities into your life or draw them from your surroundings.

The dragon turtle can also be used to bring good fortune and prosperity into your home, business, or office space in numerous placements:

In Your Home's Wealth Corner

The best place to display the dragon turtle is in your home's wealth corner. It is said that the dragon turtle carries a family's wealth by sitting on a gold ingot, which represents money and wealth for you.

The dragon turtle is a great symbol of good luck if used in this fashion. The wealth corner can be found on the southeast corner of your home.

On a Desk or Workspace 

If you need help advancing your career or salary, the dragon turtle on a gold ingot can significantly benefit you. You can display it on your desk or workspace to help your financial success.

The dragon turtle is only effective if you face it toward your work area. If you cannot see the turtle from your work area, display it nearby. For example, it could be positioned on a side table near an entrance to that room.

In the Knowledge Sector

If you or your children need help in academic studies, placing the feng shui dragon turtle in the knowledge sector will be of big help. According to the bagua, the knowledge sector is situated at the northeast section of your home.

Away From Your Bedroom

While the dragon turtle is a powerful symbol of luck and good fortune, it is not recommended for bedroom use. Feng shui masters warn that the dragon turtle should never be used in a bedroom because it will bring bad luck to those who sleep in that room. 

No matter how powerful the symbol may be, it is taboo in your bedroom because the dragon turtle is used for active areas in your home.

Benefits of the Dragon Turtle

With its rich history, the Chinese dragon turtle has many benefits for anyone who uses it in their feng shui design.

Good Luck 

No matter what house or area you are dealing with, the dragon turtle is believed to bring good luck into your life.

Wealth and Prosperity

The dragon turtle brings wealth, prosperity, and good luck into one's life and can do the same for business purposes.

Career Advancement

Feng shui masters have said that the dragon turtle can help those who need better career advancement by bringing them into the money sector of their lives. 

Health and Longevity

The dragon turtle is a powerful symbol that can bring good health, longevity, and wisdom into your life. 

Academic Success 

Academic success, or the desire to learn new knowledge, can be brought into one's life using the dragon turtle on gold ingots. You can keep the symbol on your workstation or desk to help with this aspect of your career and in one's pursuit of knowledge throughout your life.


The dragon turtle is a powerful symbol of wisdom, good fortune, longevity, and prosperity in feng shui. It is meant to bring these benefits into your life.

It can be worn as a piece of jewelry or used as a decorative piece to create good feng shui around you.

If you wish to bring happiness and good fortune into your life, seek the help from this Chinese mythological beast.

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