10 Best Crystals for Communication

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Did you know that we are surrounded by energy, and crystals can help balance it?

Yes, crystals can be programmed to help attract and amplify particular energy frequencies. Doing so may enhance your innate abilities.

That means if you’re looking to improve your communication skills, you can turn to crystal to amplify the energy associated with speaking and listening.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the 10 best crystals for communication and how to use them in your everyday life.

How Do Crystals Help with Communication?

As mentioned above, communication itself has its own frequency. Crystals work by amplifying that vibration.

So, if we use crystals that are attuned to the energy of communication, they can help us to better send and receive messages.

In addition, crystals may assist in attuning us to our inner selves more easily. This can be beneficial in communication because it allows us to more easily understand what we want to say, and why we want to say it.

What Crystals Are for Communication?

Crystals are a great way to improve your communication skills. They can help you get clarity in conversations and even help you become more persuasive when it's time to convince someone to do something.

If you wish to enhance the right energies, here are some of the crystals that can help you communicate better:

  • Citrine: Epitome of positive energy
  • Lapis Lazuli: To understand one's self
  • Amethyst: For being open and communicative
  • Smoky Quartz: Eliminates negative energy and keeps a calm, collected mind
  • Black Onyx: Promotes honesty and openness 
  • Blue Lace Agate: For being patient 
  • Malachite: For being compassionate and humorous 
  • Sodalite: Improves self-confidence
  • Celestite: Crystal for speaking the truth
  • Apatite: crystal for listening


Citrine is the epitome of positive energy due to its brightness and abundance. No matter what, this stone exudes charisma and self-assurance, which are two qualities that can be helpful when trying to communicate effectively. Citrine can keep you energized and ready to speak your mind at all times.

When you are unable to express yourself and experiencing feelings of insecurity, or as if you are constantly second-guessing what you want to say, citrine is the stone for you.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful crystal to have with you when you are in a conversation that isn't going well. It brings clarity to a conversation so that the truth will be revealed. You'll also feel more confident when talking to someone if you have lapis lazuli with you.

Those who want to be more honest with themselves and others and those who want to improve their interpersonal relationships can turn to lapis lazuli for help.


Amethyst is generally known as a tranquil stone, but it also helps one to be more open and communicative. This easy-to-work-with stone can help encourage clear and honest communication when worn or held during meetings. 

However, because it's such a gentle stone, try not to use amethyst when expressing strong emotions.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is an energizing gemstone that helps you eliminate negativity and keep calm, collected, and in charge no matter the circumstances. Using this stone in conversation makes it easier to purge oneself of traumatic experiences and the thoughts that plant the seeds of self-doubt.

When you're constantly chomping at the bit and unsure if what you're saying is worthwhile, use smoky quartz. It keeps our vision clear; this stone protects us from being led astray by our emotions.

Black Onyx 

This stone promotes resilience and strength. If life is hard for you, this is an excellent crystal because it can help you remain strong and keep your chin up. In addition, it can help you open up by encouraging you to share your feelings with friends and family.

This stone also promotes honesty and openness. It's known to help keep you grounded during stressful situations and can help you to focus on the present moment, which allows a clearer understanding of what is being communicated.

Blue Lace Agate 

Being patient and calm while listening to others is often challenging when feeling overwhelmed. It can help to have a stone with you if you are in the presence of a speaker going off on tangents. 

It enables us to be more patient and focus on what is being said instead of on what isn't being stated. It also promotes kindness and compassion, which may help us put ourselves in the shoes of someone who may be nervous or shy.


Malachite is a helpful crystal for communication. When you're feeling angry and you don't know why, it can help calm you down and get you back on the right path. When used in the workplace, malachite can promote fairness in communication and encourage trust among coworkers.

This stone can help you be more patient, compassionate, and even humorous when conversing with someone. This stone also promotes a deeper connection between the speaker and their audience.


Sodalite is a powerful stone that stimulates the throat chakra and improves our abilities to think rationally, intuitively, and verbally. This stone can help you avoid confrontation while maintaining clear boundaries and the ability to communicate your thoughts, both of which are essential components of having a conflict-free life.

Suppose you continually second-guess yourself or your interactions feel off-kilter. In that case, this stone will help you acquire a better awareness of yourself and the people around you, allowing you to have more successful conversations.


Though rarer, this mineral is thought to have the ability to help one focus their attention while communicating. In addition, it's often used to combat fear and anxiety associated with public speaking.

Celestite can be used as a meditation aid or to enhance psychic abilities; however, it can also be held near your body when you want to speak genuinely and with pure intention. This is because celestite can assist you in speaking from a position of integrity.


This crystal often helps us to see other people's points of view. It can help us to remain calm if we're anxious about speaking in a public situation or in front of a large group. 

Apatite also promotes harmony and opens up new opportunities for growth and learning, which can be beneficial if you're working with a group where you'll be asked to share your opinion or join in on the discussion.

How to Use Crystals for Communication

Crystals for communication can be used in a variety of ways. Below are some simple and easy ways to use crystals for better communication.

Hold It

The stone will restore your mind to calmness while encouraging more sincere and honest communication among people.

Place It Near You

When crystals are placed near your body or in a room, they can serve a healing purpose. You can wear crystal jewelry or place ornaments made of gemstones to facilitate better communication.

Meditate With It

Because crystals' energy is passed through the vibrations of the owner, meditating with one will help you to align your mind and body with its vibrations. 


If you want to improve your communication with others, use crystals like the ones above. They can teach us how to speak better and listen to our audiences while helping us become speakers with a highly sought-after skill set.

With patience, kindness, and compassion, you can become a more confident and successful communicator, turning any situation into a positive one.

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