The Best Crystals for Dogs And How To Use Them

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Crystal for healing purposes is an age-old therapeutic technique. Commonly known only for humans, these healing gems are actually used for pets, too. 

In the past up until today, it is used to address their mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. Dogs particularly enjoy them because like us, they also need to reestablish balance.

Knowing this, you might think "what crystals are good for dogs?" Worry not because we got you. 

In this article, we'll list down the best crystals for dogs and what are their benefits. We'll also provide you samples on how to use them to improve your pet’s life.

What Crystals are Good for Dogs?

In general, any crystal that is known to promote feelings of tranquility, relaxation, and emotional balance can be beneficial for dogs. Some of the most popular crystals for dogs include rose quartz, amethyst, and clear Quartz. 

What Crystals are Bad for Dogs?

It is important to be aware of any crystals that may be toxic or dangerous for dogs.

As a rule of thumb, don't give your dogs small crystals that could be a choking hazard. Also, avoid crystals with sharp edges that could harm your pet.

Crystals that contain metal traces should also be avoided, such as Hematite and Pyrite.

The Best Crystals for Dogs

Black Obsidian

First on our list is black obsidian. Possibly one of the most popular crystals for dogs, its healing energy eases their anxiety. Recommended when you're often on the road, it lessens your pet's feelings of loneliness. 

This wonderful gem also inspires creativity in your beloved canines. It allows them to be more perceptive, especially if they’re always quick on their feet. Black obsidian gives them the ability to assess a situation more thoroughly before entering it out of the blue.

More than being a great dog sitter, this healing crystal also increases and strengthens your dogs. 

black obsidian - best crystals for dogs



There are several reasons why amethyst is one of the best healing crystals for pets. One, it provides both physical and emotional healing for them.

Amethyst also lifts up your dog and provides it with the energy it needs to play and run. This is vital if they are exhibiting signs of anxiety or even lack of motivation.

This healing crystal gives your dog a relaxed aura at the same time. Amethyst makes them bark less around new friends you introduce to them. It does an excellent job of easing these fears and anxiety in these situations.

It's a wonderful benefit that allows your furry companion to enjoy freer, more relaxed lives. Amethyst is especially helpful for older dogs. Its healing properties also lessen joint pain and the muscular strains they get from old age.

amethyst - best crystals for dogs

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a multi-purpose healer. It promotes relaxation and boosts the self-assurance of your dogs. It makes every interaction fun when engaging with others. 

This gem is an awesome crystal to boost your dog's immune system. Clear quartz is a gem you don't want to miss out on. If you want to make your dog healthier, consider placing this close to them.

More than that, it purifies any residual negative energy they get from the outside. This "Master Healer" gem can lessen aggression and incessant barking.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the best stones for rescue dogs. Since it’s the "crystal of love," it’s ideal for canines who may have gone through a traumatic event in the past.

Dogs that often exhibit excessive anxiety or depressive-like tendencies can enjoy this stone. This is because rose quartz is well-known to show unconditional love. It could help them heal psychological or emotional trauma.

Dogs' hostility has also been observed to decrease after using this gem. If your new furry friend seemed to be distant from you, use this crystal to help them open up to you.

The crystal is also known to ease muscle tension and accelerate the healing process for injuries.

rose quartz - best crystals for dogs

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a protection gem to have. It helps to maintain positive energy around your dog. Any conditions affecting the reproductive system will also be aided by this stone.

If your pet is one who is anxious or stressed when visiting unfamiliar places, keep one with you when you travel. 

Smoky quartz is also a great crystal to have if you have several pets at home. All of them may socialize in a safe atmosphere thanks to its protection.

Additionally, this stone relieves any muscle pain they may be feeling. It can help reduce swelling, so use it to massage any uncomfortable inflammation.


Tourmaline holds the healing properties of both Clear Quartz and Tourmaline. It is the ultimate protective stone for your pet. By purifying the energy around your dog, it gets rid of any negative auras that dare to come near. 

Keep Black Tourmaline on their collar to shield them from penetrating bad energy. It's highly recommended if you intend to go out with them. Use it as well if you’re aware that your dog becomes tense around new people or locations.

The immune system is supposed to be strengthened by the tourmaline quartz. While cleansing the body of any toxins, this therapeutic crystal also treats digestive tract disorders. It will also aid in the relief of any body pains and sores.

tourmaline - best crystals for dogs

How to Use Crystal for Dogs

Embellish Your Dog Collar With a Crystal

Like how wearing a crystal necklace would help humans, it does for other animals too. Having a crystal on your dog's collar gives them constant access to the stone's energy.

More than a pretty bling to your dog when you walk them outside, it can also help them adjust better.

Place A Crystal on Your Dog’s Bed

Sewing in gems to your furry friend’s bed is a wonderful way to introduce healing crystals. This way offers a smooth transition in receiving energy that can possibly be too much for them to handle.

With this, you can observe how they would react to the stone you chose. Make sure to pay attention and make necessary adjustments if needed. Also remember to secure the crystal within their bed. This is to avoid ingestion or discomfort while sleeping.

Offer a Crystal Massage

Dogs love physical touch. And giving your pet a crystal massage is a wonderful method to ease any physical discomfort they may be experiencing.

Choose among the crystals we’ve listed and check which one works best for your furry friend. Gently rub them with the gem and pour out your energy to heal them. 

Place a Crystal on Your Dog Crate

Dogs can sometimes develop stress and anxiety when you leave them alone in your home. If you see symptoms of them showing such problems, try placing a crystal to help. Gems with calming properties like clear quartz work best in scenarios like this. 


Dogs are more than simply pets; once they enter our lives, they become members of our families. It's important that we carry them along with us while we work to improve ourselves. They are after all the first ones we can turn to when nothing seems to make sense.

Just like humans, dogs could benefit from the energy-healing power of crystals. Our four-legged companion can also enjoy using gems to be happier and healthier.

If you are still unsure about which healing crystal you should get for your dog, feel free to check out our store. You might find that special gem that can be helpful for your dogs.

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    One of our dogs seems depressed and maybe in pain she’s 7yrs. And has separation anxiety when I leave.
    Other dog from abusive home he’s aggressive fearful bold and loving to only me n gf.
    What stones would you recommend?

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