The Sigil of Archangel Michael: What Is It and How to Use It?

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The Sigil of Archangel Michael is a traditional symbol that has been used for centuries in Eastern Orthodox Christianity as a way of invoking protection from spiritual dangers and evil spirits. In recent years, it's become popular, and it's easy to see why. 

Here, discover the history of the sigil and the meaning that makes it popular today.

  • The Sigil of Archangel Michael's meaning is all about protection, courage, and strength.
  • Archangel Michael is the commander of the army of angels according to the holy book.
  • Meditate, wear, or display the symbol of St. Michael to invoke the archangel’s divine energy.

What Is the Sigil of St. Michael Archangel?

The Sigil of St. Michael is a potent and revered sacred symbol.

In the holy book, each archangel has its own sigil that contains blessed divine power. The sigil of St. Michael is used to establish a link between humans and the archangel.

Many use the sigil to invoke the blessings of the angel to grant them strength and protection over the forces of evil.

Who Is Archangel Michael?

Michael holds the title of “Archangel of Courage.” He is a mighty fighter and the commander of the army of angels.

The first known instances of his name are found in Jewish literature written between the third and second centuries B.C.E. These works describe him as the leader of all angels and archangels and hold him accountable for the protection of Israel.

Michael is known for leading the forces of heaven in the battle against Satan.

As the leader of these powerful beings, he was also tasked to ensure law and order across the globe. Michael also assists the souls in their journey to paradise when they leave their physical bodies.

Why Use the Sigil of Archangel Michael?

Because of his long history of battling evil and protecting the world, Michael has become an icon of protection.

His name is particularly invoked by military personnel and those in the defense department. Many motorists also call on his name to grant them protection against accidents during their travels.

The archangel also aids you in discovering your life's purpose. Invoking his name inspires you to take action. If you have an endeavor that you need assistance with, he’ll be there to help you.

He is a model of bravery and determination. In contrast, he has a voice that is authoritative but kind. Many claims that calling his presence calms them down in times of distress.

For these reasons, people use his sigil to invoke his blessings of protection, courage, and strength to help them in any situation.

How to Use the Sigil of Archangel Michael?

There are various ways to use the sigil.

Tool for Meditation

When using the sigil for meditation, sit in a comfortable position and hold the symbol in your hands. Focus on your breath and clear your mind of all thoughts.

See Archangel Michael in your mind's eye. Visualize him as a powerful being of light. Then, ask him to surround you with his energy and protection.

Remain in this state for as long as you feel comfortable. When you're finished, thank Archangel Michael for his presence.

Wear it as a necklace

Another way to use the sigil is to carry it with you. 

Wearing the sigil as a necklace allows you to keep the symbol close to your heart. Whenever you look down, you'll be reminded of Archangel Michael's protection.

Display it

You can also place it in your car or on your desk at work. Anywhere you put it, know that Archangel Michael is watching over you.

The Sigil of Michael - A Symbol of Protection

A lot of times, Michael comes to our rescue. Surviving an accident, for instance. It is for this reason that motorists offer prayers to him in the hopes of avoiding any kind of mishap on the road. 

That is, he aids the honest and upright. Indeed, he aids others in keeping their possessions. Michael's shield also extends to negative emotions and influences like worry and despair. 

A person's life might seem like hell while they're experiencing these types of emotions. When you call on him, he'll step in and battle for you so you can finally put an end to all that negativity. He safeguards your professional standing as well.

the sigil of archangel michael


How to Connect with Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael's genuine concern for his human beings makes him the ideal angel to call forth. Anyone who seeks him out may become one of his friends or associates.

But it's not true that you can't speak with Michael personally since he's the head of the archangels. Using his sigil is a good way to call upon him and keep him close by in times of need.

You may be certain that Archangel Michael will rid you of any lingering negativity. Call him up if you're feeling fatigued, lost, unmotivated, or disconnected from your job. He is the one who will lead you, inspire you, and provide for you at all times.

Here are a few signs that Archangel Michael is near.:

  • You see sparkles and bursts of light before your eyes.
  • A warm tingling feeling, often in the head, will come over you.
  • You get a gut feeling about impending dangers.
  • Michael's likeness and that of his sword often present themselves to you.
  • You’re shielded from harm by a loving presence.

Prayer to St. Michael

When calling upon Archangel Michael with his sigil, it's good to set clear intentions and ensure that you're calling upon him properly. The prayer below is a good example:

“St. Michael! As humbly as I can, I beg you to protect us and fortify our spiritual defenses. Please come to my side, Divine Protector. Send God's mighty blessings to those you care about. Amen!”

The Takeaway

If you want divine protection, the Sigil of Archangel Michael is the best tool for the job. It's a powerful symbol that can be used in many ways.

By keeping Archangel Michael close, you'll feel his presence and know that you're always safe.

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