Men’s Guide to Tiger’s Eye Bracelets

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Men are born with immense strength rooted in their yang masculine energy.

Just like the tiger, they are naturally brave, confident, and powerful.

But sometimes, these qualities can lie dormant in you.

How do you awaken these strengths?

Crystal jewelry can help, especially a tiger’s eye bracelet.

Below, let’s explore the meaning of the tiger’s eye stone. Discover why men like you should wear this piece of jewelry and how can it help enhance your desired qualities.



Tiger’s Eye Bracelet Meaning

A tiger’s eye bracelet is worn to inspire courage, strength, and self-confidence.

This is the crystal bracelet to turn to if you want to draw out the power sleeping in you.

It’s an encouraging stone to get you out of your slump and spring you into action.

Wearing this piece helps fuel your motivation so you can take on challenges more boldly, bravely, and fiercely.

Tiger’s eye also helps you see and think more clearly, assisting you in accomplishing your goals.

As a protective stone, it is also used to ward off the evil eye. The evil eye is a malevolent curse that manifests from the energy of envy.


Who Should Wear a Tiger’s Eye Jewelry?

Tiger’s eye embodies the masculine yang energy. Men would benefit the most from wearing a tiger’s eye bracelet.


Who Should Not Wear a Tiger’s Eye Stone?

Anyone can wear the stone in general.

However, beware if you’re someone who has trouble sleeping at night.

Tiger’s eye is an active and energetic stone.

Wearing it in your sleep may cause you some disturbances.


When Should Men Wear a Tiger’s Eye Bracelet

Men should wear a tiger’s eye bracelet when they need to unlock their personal power.

It’s a must-have stone if they need a boost in courage and self-confidence.

They should wear the tiger’s eye if they need to move past their fears or are faced with difficult challenges.


Tiger’s Eye Metaphysical Properties

Many believe that crystals hold specific properties that can enhance our spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. This is known as the metaphysical properties of gemstones.

Below, let’s find out the metaphysical properties of a tiger’s eye crystal.

Chakra Connections

Tiger’s eye aligns with the lower chakras, including the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. It’s an excellent stone to connect with mother earth, stay grounded and maintain stability.

This stone also helps enhance your creativity.

But what makes the tiger’s eye more valuable is its connection with the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus is the chakra point that rules our personal power and confidence.

A balanced solar plexus can improve your self-esteem, build up your strength, and bring out your courage.

When blocked or out of balance, it may result in feelings of helplessness, insecurity, and excessive need for control.


Healing Properties

On a physical level, tiger’s eye is used to treat digestive problems like ulcers, indigestions, constipation, heartburn, and eating disorders.

It’s also great for easing bladder and colon issues, as well as arthritis, lower back pain, and urinary tract infections.

On an emotional level, the tiger’s eye is an excellent stone for stimulating self-confidence.

It’s the stone to turn to if you need a power or motivation boost.

Many use the stone to cast away fear and self-doubts.

It’s also used to promote a clear mind, which makes for an excellent stone to guide you in your endeavors or matters of the heart.


Feng Shui Element

Tiger’s eye aligns with the earth element in feng shui.

The earth element represents stability and physical strength.

Enhancing the energy of earth gives you a sense of security and grounding support.

Too little earth leads to instability, clouded thinking, lack of motivation, and stagnation.


Tiger’s Eye Bracelet Benefits

1. Instills courage and confidence

Aligning with the solar plexus chakra, the tiger’s eye stone is used to build up courage so you can overcome your fears. The solar plexus chakra is responsible for our self-confidence. Just like its name, this stone helps you bring out the inner brave tiger in you.


2. Draws out personal power

Combining the energies of the sun and the earth, the tiger’s eye draws out your strength, enabling you to conquer the challenges that the world hurls you.


3. Inspires clarity of the mind

This quartz crystal also clears your perception so you can make better decisions in your life. Meditating with the stone improves your focus and lets you see new perspectives you haven’t seen before.


4. Protects you from the evil eye

Tiger’s eye is also one of the most protective stones against ill intentions. Since ancient times, it has been used to ward off a malicious curse known as the evil eye. The evil eye is the energy of envy that manifested into a curse through a malevolent glare.


5. Promotes vitality

Holding a fiery quality of energy, the tiger’s eye brings life to those who are suffering from a slump and stagnation. It’s a stone that keeps you motivated and energetic, allowing you to begin and accomplish your goals.


6. Keeps you grounded

A tiger’s eye crystal also helps maintain balance in your body, mind, and spirit. This stone helps you connect with nature, keeping you aware and mindful of your surroundings.


7. Attracts prosperity

With newfound strength, confidence, and courage, the stone opens new opportunities in your career and life path. It also clears the mind so you can make better financial decisions, which can lead to abundance and prosperity.


The Different Colors of Tiger’s Eye and Their Meanings

A member of the quartz family, the tiger’s eye is known for its bands of colors that look like a cat’s eye. While it often comes in gold, yellow, and brown stripes, it can also appear in different colors. Each color has its own meaning.

Gold Tiger’s Eye

Often comes in yellow or brown stripes, a gold tiger’s eye is the standard color of the crystal. It harnesses the energy of the sun and the earth, inspiring strength, courage, and confidence to those who wear it.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

A blue tiger’s eye, also called hawk’s eye or falcon’s eye, is the rarest variant of the gemstone. Often mixed with stipes of black or gray, this crystal is believed to be a powerful stress-reliever. It is also worn to boost one’s creativity and spirituality.

Red Tiger’s Eye

A red tiger’s eye is a grounding stone used to strengthen the body and promote vitality. Also known as the ox’s eye, gives us the strength to push forward and achieve our goals.

Multi-colored Tiger’s Eye

Multi-colored tiger’s eye, also known as tri-colored tiger’s eye, combines the metaphysical properties of all the stone’s variants. It’s an excellent piece to wear to get the most out of the tiger’s eye’s empowering energy.

Tiger Iron

Tiger iron is a modified gemstone that combines tiger’s eye, red jasper, and black hematite. It’s known for being a grounding stone that enhances your spiritual defense while stimulating your vitality, creativity, and self-confidence.


How Much is a Tiger’s Eye Stone Worth?

Tiger’s eye is among the most affordable semi-precious stones you can find today.

You can easily find one costing $1 to $1.5 per carat.

But, like any other gemstone, the price may go up depending on the process tiger’s eye goes through.

A polished and quality cut crystal may cost more than raw stones.


Tiger’s Eye in Jewelry and Charms

tiger's eye jewelry

The tiger’s eye stone’s earthy colors make for the perfect accessory for men.

Paired with other gemstones like black obsidian or hematite, it is an attractive gemstone to complement your look.

This stone also helps accentuate your masculinity by bringing out your personal power, courage, and confidence.

For this reason, a tiger’s eye bracelet is a popular charm accessory for men.


How to Tell a Real Tiger’s Eye Crystal

A real tiger’s eye stone can be identified by its luster and colors.

Tiger’s eye stones appear in golden, brown, yellow, reddish-brown, and blue colors.

It is also known for its glass-like luster.

When you hold it up to the light, it should appear shiny since it’s a type of quartz.

Original tiger’s eye can also scratch glass, a relatively softer material in the Mohs scale of hardness.

These crystals are also chatoyant. This means its bands should change colors under light, just like a cat’s eye.


Is green tiger’s eye real?

A green tiger’s eye is not real and is most likely dyed, especially if they come in bright colors.


Is blue tiger’s eye real?

A blue tiger’s eye is real. It’s a rare variety of the tiger’s eye stone known as hawk’s eye or falcon’s eye.

However, beware of a pure, bright blue tiger’s eye crystal. Most blue tiger’s eye stones come with bands of gray or black. A pure, bright blue stone may be dyed and unnatural.


How to Use a Tiger’s Eye Stone

You can harness the energy of the tiger’s eye stone in various ways. From feng shui stones to crystal jewelry, you can enjoy the benefits of this quartz stone.

Display at home

Tiger’s eye is a stone with many uses in feng shui. Since it’s mostly associated with power and courage, you can place a tumbled stone or ornament in different areas of your home to inspire various effects.

  • New beginnings area. If you’re looking for strength and courage to start something new, a golden tiger’s eye stone in the east section of your home brings about what you desire.
  • Creativity & completion area. Tiger’s eye is an excellent stone for boosting creativity and improving your motivation. Placing it in the west helps you finish projects and goals you’ve started.
  • Career & life path area. Placing the stone in the north encourages you to put yourself out there, opening new career opportunities.
  • Wealth area. A golden tiger’s eye stone it in the southeast helps increase the energy of abundance and prosperity in your space.
  • Fame & reputation area. Placing it in the south inspires you to be courageous so you can step out of your comfort zone, pursuing the recognition you desire.
  • Love & marriage area. Displaying a red tiger’s eye in the southwest activates the stone’s passion and stability effects, strengthening your relationships.
  • Knowledge area. Placing a blue tiger’s eye stone in the northeast enhances focus and meditation.
  • Helpful people area. If you want to dispel your fear of reaching out to people, a tiger’s eye stone placed in the northwest can give you the courage you need.
  • Health area. A tiger’s eye crystal in the center of your home helps improve your wellness, specifically addressing issues related to your digestive system, bladder, colon, as well as your personal power and self-esteem.


Wear as jewelry

Wearing a piece of tiger’s eye jewelry is also an excellent way to absorb the stone’s energy. By donning a tiger’s eye bracelet, ring, or necklace, you can be with the stone 24/7. This creates a deeper connection with your tiger’s eye, allowing you to bask in its empowering energy for a longer time.


How to Wear a Tiger’s Eye Bracelet

Wear the tiger’s eye bracelet on your left hand.

In Chinese culture, there is a saying that the left is for going in and the right is for going out.

This means the left hand absorbs the energy of the bracelet while the right hand gives it away.

Also, set your intentions while wearing the bracelet.

Meditate with the bracelet daily. Then, speak or think about what you want to achieve while wearing it.

For instance, you may say “I believe in myself and my abilities” to align with the bracelet’s energy.


How to Cleanse and Charge Your Tiger’s Eye

To restore the earth-ish energy of your tiger’s eye, bury it in the ground for 24 hours.

This absorbs the unwanted energy that accumulated in your bracelet.

You may also leave it under direct sunlight to recharge its solar quality of energy.

Do this during sunrise or sunset where the sun’s rays aren’t too harsh.

Cleanse your bracelet once a month or if it feels heavier and duller than usual.

You may also cleanse your tiger’s eye by smudging.

In this method, light the tip of a sage plant. Then, let the smoke envelop your bracelet for five minutes.


Can I Sleep with Tiger’s Eye?

The crystal’s energy may be too active that it may cause a disturbance in your sleep.

We advise removing your tiger’s eye bracelet while you’re sleeping.


The Takeaway

For men looking to bring out their personal power and confidence, the tiger’s eye bracelet is an excellent piece to add to your accessories list.

It will not only accentuate your manliness on a physical level but will also enhance your masculine energy on a spiritual level.

If you want to awaken your strength, it’s time to wear a piece of tiger’s eye jewelry.

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