7 Signs Your Guardian Angel is Trying to Contact You

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Guardian Angels are spiritual beings that are with you from the day you are born. They are here to guide you, looking out for you and your choices.

As divine beings, they do not usually use human language to communicate with people. Instead, many believe they have their own ways to interact with us.

In this article, we will discuss a few ways that your guardian angel may have been using to send you a message.

What Are The Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You?

Our angels communicate with us regularly. They frequently make subtle connections with us through small things we come across in our daily lives.

It can be tough for us to recognize them because of the hustle of daily life. As a result, the angels repeatedly send us the same messages in the hopes of guiding us.

Without using verbal communication, they will connect with you telepathically, utilizing your inner voice and senses to bring you into consciousness. Because your guardian angel knows you so well, they tend to use a familiar style of communication to let you know their message.

While your angel interacts with you, it's essential that you stay present and out of your pleasure-seeking thoughts. This will make it much easier to establish a more direct line of conversation with your guardian.

Below, we listed a few of how your guardian angel may be trying to reach out to you.

1. Angel Numbers

If you keep seeing the same numbers in strange places, it's probably not a coincidence. The cosmos may be communicating with you through angel numbers.

Three or four repeated digits, such as 222 or 11:11, can be found in these mysterious numerals. They may also appear in patterns like 5656 or 789, which can be taken as the universe's divine intervention. Many people believe they are a map of how we should navigate through life.

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2. Change in Room Temperature

Have you ever experienced being somewhere freezing and noticed an unexpectedly warm spot? Or did you suddenly become significantly warmer, even though nothing had caused the temperature to rise?

It is believed that the way your angel moves around you could cause temperature changes by slowing or speeding up the molecules in the air. When your guardian angel is nearby, the temperature will rise, which is a strong indication that they are with you.

Pay attention to what you're doing or thinking, and try to figure out what's being said. This is also an excellent opportunity to seek support from your guardian angel.

3. Feathers

A feather on your office desk could mean so much more. Seeing feathers in unusual spots is a message from your guardian angel to let you know that they are there. Instead of trying to solve the puzzle of how it got there, focus more on what you are stressing over before seeing the feather. This can signify that you’re being guided in the right direction.

If you are seeking affirmations over your decisions from your guardian angel, they might be leaving feathers on your way to reassure you that they are there.

4. Cloud Formations

It might be a cliche given that they are “heavenly” bodies, but guardian angels do send communications using clouds. Actually, it is common for clouds to take the form of things that are personal to you and it's not just your imagination. 

In these moments, turn within, become aware of the present moment, and tune into your senses as you witness these cloud forms. Taking an instant to recognize your thoughts will greatly help you in becoming more conscious of what your guardian is attempting to convey to you.

5. Human Messengers

Have you heard of the phrase "heaven-sent"? It turns out that angels also use the assistance of another human being to deliver a message to us.

An example of this is when you're going through something or thinking about a problem, and an acquaintance or even a stranger comes up to you and says something that strangely suits your situation without you ever opening up to them.

Your guardian angel in the form of another person usually gives you something to think about. This often puts you in awe since you do not anticipate that individual to say something appropriate for that particular period in your life.

6. Unusual Scents in Unexpected Places

Have you ever smelled something beautiful at home or in the outdoors, a place where random scents are rare? If you detect an unusually nice odor in your surroundings, your angel could be very close.

When you smell something unexpected, pay attention, reflect within, and ask your soul what these aromas imply or indicate to you. The smell is a powerful sense with deep links to the human brain, to be particular, memory. What did you pick up on? What did it remind you of? Answer these questions and you can figure out what your guardian angel is trying to tell you.

7. Dreams

Last but not the least, dreams are the most common way your guardian angel is trying to connect to you. Why?

When we sleep, we are not in our usual overthinking state. This allows our angels to reach us better and much clearer.

When you wake up from your sleep, you may not remember everything that has happened while you were dreaming. The important thing is that you felt a sense of clarity that you needed when you’re at a crossroads.

Don’t try to overthink though. You’ll just know what your dream means when it’s there. Just focus on how you felt when you first opened your eyes.

What Is Your Guardian Angel Trying to Tell You?

There are certain general messages that guardian angels often try to communicate to us. If you see the sign of an angel, it is important to try to understand what it means.

Here are some of the most common messages that guardian angels try to communicate: 

“You are Not Alone”

Our guardian angels are always with us, watching over us and protecting us. They want us to know that we can always turn to them for help and guidance. 

“Be Careful”

This may be a warning about something specific that we are about to do, or it may be a more general warning about taking care of ourselves. Our guardian angels want us to be safe and to avoid any unnecessary risks.  

“Slow Down”

This may be a sign that we are working too hard or that we are taking on too much. Our guardian angels want us to take care of ourselves and to make sure that we are not overdoing it. 

“They Love and Support You”

Finally, guardian angels often try to communicate messages of love and support. They want us to know that they are always there for us, no matter what. They want us to know that we are loved and that we are never alone. 

If you think that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you, pay attention to the signs and messages that you receive. Try to interpret them in a way that makes sense for you. And always remember that your guardian angel is with you, watching over you and supporting you.


These are just common ways that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you. But always bear in mind that they may come in other forms too. Your angel’s mission is to assist you in finding your way, so you need to pay close attention to the signs, whether they are listed here or unique to you, big or small. 

The human mind has a knack for thinking hard and shooting down signs the moment you see them. Your head might always come first, but try to change your ways and feel more when dealing with messages from angels. It is important not to discredit yourself for believing the sign.

Also, know that your angels have been with you from the start. They may know you better than you do yourself. Remember that you don’t always need to confide in them only with the big decisions. Treat them like a friend you reach out to over the small things.

Trust your intuition and your guardian angel who is always rooting for you.


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