How to Wear Your Black Obsidian Bracelet to Attract Wealth and Protection

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Do you own a black obsidian bracelet?

In feng shui, wearing black obsidian is believed to attract wealth and protection.

But to enjoy the benefits of black obsidian, you must know how to wear it properly.

In this guide, we’ll answer the most common questions on how to wear a black obsidian bracelet so you can use its powers.



Which Hand Should You Wear Your Black Obsidian Bracelet?

There are two ways to wear your black obsidian feng shui bracelet.

  • You can wear it on your left hand to attract wealth; or
  • You can wear it on your right hand to gain protection.

The black obsidian stone is known for its energies of wealth and protection.

As a feng shui crystal, it aligns with Water, the feng shui element that symbolizes the flow of money.

Wearing it on your left hand allows you to absorb its prosperous energy.

As a healing crystal, it is known for its protective quality that wards off unwanted energy and negative emotions.

Wearing it on your right hand enhances your spiritual defenses.

Thus, you can wear your black obsidian crystal bracelet on either the left or right hand depending on your intention.


How Do You Use Black Obsidian Bracelet to Activate Its Energy

To get the most out of your bracelet, you must also take the following steps to activate its energy.

  1. Cleanse your bracelet
  2. Program the bracelet
  3. Wear it on your left or right hand
  4. Work toward your goal

  1. Cleanse your bracelet

Too much unwanted energy can dull your bracelet, your black obsidian may have accumulated them during transit. To restore its vibrations, cleanse your crystal with water, smudging, or sunlight.

  1. Program the bracelet

Align the energy of your intention with the energy of your bracelet. If you wish to attract wealth, repeat an affirmation about wealth every day to program your intention. For instance, you can say “Wealth is drawn to me.” If you wish for protection, speak affirmations about being safe at all times.

  1. Wear it on your left or right hand

Wear the bracelet on your left hand if you wish to attract wealth energy. Wear it on the right hand if you wish to gain protection against unwanted energies.

  1. Work toward your goal

Good feng shui is all about supporting your effort with the right energy. To make the bracelet work, you should also put in enough effort in achieving your goal.


More Black Obsidian Bracelet Rules

  • Wear your bracelet at all times. This will strengthen your bond with the crystal. The deeper your relationship with black obsidian, the more powerful it gets.
  • Cleanse your beads at least once a month. You may also cleanse them when they are already feeling heavier or duller than usual.
  • Meditate with the bracelet regularly. Project your intentions on the bracelet to align your energy with the crystal.
  • If your black obsidian comes with a Pixiu amulet, ensure that its head is facing the direction of your little finger. Pixiu is known as the “fortune beast” in Chinese culture, a symbol of wealth.
  • Don’t wear black obsidian with other crystals. The stone’s energy may be too intense for you. If you’re wearing other crystals, go for ones with gentle or nurturing energies.
  • Pack your crystal bracelet in red cloth when it breaks. Then, bury it to the ground to return the black obsidian to nature. When your bracelet breaks, this means it has already served its purpose.


Wrapping Up

If you own a black obsidian beads bracelet, wearing it on the left or right hand can inspire different effects.

Wearing it on the left hand would bring you wealth energy while the right hand would grant you protection.

When using the bracelet, determine what you want the charm to do for you.

Then, wear it on the appropriate hand to manifest your intention.


  • Bonita

    Is it ok to wear 5 obsidian bracelets at the same time 3 on the left hand and 2 on the right?

  • Claudia

    Sounds really promising! My question is: does one have to reprogram it when changing from one hand to the other ? If so, how does one do it ?

  • bonnie allen

    I’m excited about my bracelet. I trust in the prayers that was prayed over these items. Wealth and healing will come quickly.😅

  • Barbara

    Can you wear both Feng Shui Black Obsidian Wealth Bracelet – Pixiu, Wealth, Windfall and The Ultimate Protection Bracelet together On the same hand?

  • Lee

    Can I wear black obsidian with tiger eye and hematite?
    Also I was told to always wear it on the dominant hand only, is this true???

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