What is Blue Sandstone? Meaning and Healing Properties

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Blue sandstone, also called blue goldstone, is quickly gaining popularity in the crystal world for its starry appearance. But did you know that it’s not an actual gemstone?

Yes, it’s a man-made “crystal” made of glass and sand quartz in it.

If so, you may be wondering, “If blue sandstone is not a real crystal, does it have healing properties like that of an authentic gemstone?”

The answer is yes, it does have healing properties.

In this post, we’ll talk about blue sandstone and why we said it contains healing properties like that of an actual crystal. You’ll also learn the meaning of this blue goldstone, its benefits, and how to use it for inspiring success in your endeavors.

Does Blue Sandstone Have Healing Properties?

Although blue sandstone is an artificial crystal, it does have healing properties.


Because of the elements added to the stone while creating it.

Blue sandstone is not just pure glass. It contains tiny pieces of quartz crystal, which gives goldstone its natural vibration.

This vibration is what gives blue sandstone its healing energy.

How is Blue Sandstone Cystal Made?

Blue sandstone is made by heating glass and infusing it with quartz sand.

If you’re amazed by its unique appearance, the tiny pieces of quartz is what gives the stone its starry look.

However, if it’s made of glass and quartz, why is blue sandstone blue?

The secret to this is the cobalt added to the mix. The properties of cobalt make the glass deep blue in color.

Aside from blue, goldstone also appears in other colors that give it different healing properties.

Other materials such as copper and feldspar are added to the man-made stone which contributes to blue goldstone’s healing effects.

Blue Goldstone Meaning

The blue sandstone meaning is all about success.

This blue crystal is known as a good luck charm that helps manifest your goals and dreams into reality.

It’s also said to be a stone of ambition and confidence. So, if you’re working hard to achieve something, keep this stone close by for extra motivation.

Use blue goldstone when you need a confidence boost or when you want to get rid of self-doubt.

This blue gemstone is also said to bring happiness and joy. So, if you’re going through a tough time, carry blue goldstone with you or keep it in your home to improve the energy in your space.

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Blue Sandstone Metaphysical Properties

Blue sandstone is the name given to a type of goldstone, typically a rich blue color. There are various reasons why this crystal is popular, including its metaphysical properties.

Chakra Connections

Blue crystals are particularly beneficial to the throat chakra. Wearing bracelets made of blue sandstone can assist in activating the first chakra in persons who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally.

Blue goldstone is also used to support the third eye chakra. Working with this energy point is said to improve psychic abilities, intuition, and clarity of thought.

Physical Healing Properties

Blue sandstone is a highly grounding gemstone that can assist you in feeling more vigor and renewing your energy, allowing you to pursue your goals with renewed fervor. 

Holistic healers advocate wearing a blue sandstone ring, necklace, or bracelet if you have stomach problems because it may help relieve pain, inflammation, and discomfort. In addition, the vibration of this stone may help with arthritis, bone and joint discomfort, and circulation issues.

Emotional Healing Properties

Blue sandstone Is an excellent stone for empaths to work with since it protects sensitive energies. It also enables people to express their feelings for those with whom they are empathic. In addition, because of the stone’s frequency, it promotes a less judgmental and more tolerant attitude toward others, as well as better patience.

In terms of color, Blue Sandstone tends to have a calming effect in the same way that blue tones can have soothing effects on human beings. After a long day of work, it can help you relax and put your emotions under control. Some people also use it in their crystal grids to induce lucid dreaming.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Blue sandstone, commonly known as the "stone of ambition," is an attractive choice for people who lack the drive or self-assurance to achieve their dreams.

Together with tiger's Eye and aventurine, this stone can help you recognize and embrace your true self.

Feng Shui Element

Blue sandstone is a grounding stone that provides its user with a sense of protection from the outside world. As a stone signifying prosperity and triumph, it can also bring good fortune and luck according to feng shui.

Blue sandstone's energy also corresponds with the element earth, particularly due to its shade of blue and its grounding properties. It also corresponds with the water element as it is a stone of prosperity.

Blue Sandstone Benefits

Aside from the blue sandstone meaning, this man-made stone also has benefits that can improve different areas of your life.

Here are some of the benefits of blue sandstone:

  • Attracts success and good luck
  • Helps manifest goals
  • Increases capacity for self-expression
  • Strengthens willpower and confidence
  • Soothes stress and anxiety 
  • Boosts vitality
  • Banishes self-doubt and negative thoughts
  • Enhances clarity, intuition, and psychic abilities
  • Gives inner peace
  • Promotes harmony and balance 


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How to Use a Blue Goldstone

If you wish to attract success with blue sandstone, there are various ways to use this stone.

Wear as Jewelry

Wearing a blue sandstone ring, necklace, or bracelet can help express your feelings and attract success.

Cary in Pouch

Carrying a piece of blue sandstone in your pocket or purse will draw the energy of wealth, prosperity, and success into your life.

Meditate with the Stone

Hold the blue sandstone to help you let go of anxiety, stress, and tension.

Meditating with blue sandstone can be done by placing the stone over your third eye, the center of your forehead, while concentrating on releasing your emotional blocks.

You can also meditate with a piece of the goldstone on a flat surface to help bring in abundance and good luck.

Place at Home

You can place blue sandstone pieces in each corner of your room to enhance concentration. This stone is also an excellent aid when you move, as it will help you stay focused on your goal and keep you from being distracted by outside factors.

How Much is Blue Sandstone Worth?

The value of blue sandstone is based on the weight of the stone and the quality of the color. Larger stones with deeper colors are more valuable than smaller stones with less intense colors.

On average, blue sandstone is worth $10-$50 per carat.

Blue Sandstone Jewelry

Blue sandstone has a brilliant blue color that is so vibrant that it's almost impossible to look away from. Because of its look, this gemstone is set in a wide range of jewelry pieces, from rings to pendants to bracelets.

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that will help manifest your goals and dreams, blue sandstone is an excellent choice. This stone is also said to be a powerful good luck charm, so it’s perfect for anyone who wants to attract success.

Wearing blue sandstone jewelry lets you directly access the energy of the stone. As a result, you get to experience the benefits of blue sandstone more quickly and easily.

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How to Cleanse Blue Sandstone

Blue Sandstone is a soft, blue-colored stone that absorbs negativity. It's a great stone if you want to keep your energy clear and balanced.

However, this stone is also very absorbent. That means it can pick up too much negative energy that can eventually dull its healing effects.

That's why it's essential to cleanse your blue sandstone with a Tibetan singing bowl to get rid of the unwanted vibrations it has absorbed.

To cleanse your blue sandstone, follow these steps:

  1. Place your blue sandstone in front of the Tibetan singing bowl.
  2. Strike the side of the bowl with the wooden striker.
  3. Run the striker around the edge of the bowl to create a vibrational sound.
  4. Continue striking and running the striker around the bowl for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Once the blue sandstone has been cleansed, charge the gem with your intention.

The Takeaway

Blue sandstone is a great way to express your creativity and individuality. It's a terrific crystal to show the world who you are while also allowing you to express yourself uniquely.

It's also a great stone if you want to attract the energy of success into your life.

Wear a blue goldstone ring, necklace, or bracelet now to enjoy the stone’s benefits!

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