Buddhist Mantra Spinner Anxiety Worry Ring - Calm Your Anxiety - Buddha & Karma
Buddhist Mantra Spinner Anxiety Worry Ring - Calm Your Anxiety - Buddha & Karma
Buddhist Mantra Spinner Anxiety Worry Ring - Calm Your Anxiety - Buddha & Karma
Buddhist Mantra Spinner Anxiety Worry Ring - Calm Your Anxiety - Buddha & Karma
Buddhist Mantra Spinner Anxiety Worry Ring - Calm Your Anxiety - Buddha & Karma

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Buddhist Mantra Spinner Anxiety Worry Ring - Calm Your Anxiety

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Worrying about things can lead to unhealthy behaviors.

Some people bite their nails, while others constantly move their hands in stressful situations.

If you find yourself with these bad habits, a spinner ring may be of help.

The "Buddhist Mantra Spinner Ring" is worn to ease one’s worries. By spinning the ring, many find it calming to the mind and body.

The Buddhist mantra on the outer side of the ring is also said to attract luck, happiness, and good fortune!


Spinner Ring Features

  • Rotating ring for anxiety. The spinning motion is said to have a calming effect on the mind!
  • Embossed with a Buddhist mantra. It is believed to improve good karma!
  • Made of stainless steel. Wear- and tear-resistant ring!
  • Silver and gold colors. Gives you that elegant look!


Spinner Ring to Calm Your Worries

A Buddhist spinner ring is a two-banded ring that is worn to relieve anxiety.

The outer part of the ring spins while the inner part stays in position.

Many find its rotating movement to be calming.

When you spin the ring, it may help you distract yourself from whatever’s stressing you.

That’s why this piece of jewelry is also called a “worry ring.”


Blessed with a Buddhist Mantra

In Tibetan culture, this ring is believed to bring good karma when you spin it.
Embossed on the outer side is the six-syllable Buddhist mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum.

This mantra is said to bring luck, happiness, and good fortune to those who wear it.
It is also thought to improve your energy defenses against negative influences.


Buddhist Spinner Ring for You

If you need help getting your worries under control, this Buddhist Spinner Ring may help!

Get yours now!


Ring Details

  • Item Type: Worry Ring
  • Ring Style: Spinner
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver with touch of Gold
  • Finish: Sand
  • Available Sizes: 0.71-0.84” (18.1-21.4mm)
    • Don’t know your size? Click here.
  • Width: 0.43” (11mm)
  • Thickness: 0.12” (3mm)
  • Gender: Unisex
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Available Sizes: 0.71-0.84” (18.1-21.4mm)
Width: 0.43” (11mm)
Thickness: 0.12” (3mm)

At Buddha & Karma, we want you to enjoy every moment you spend wearing our rings.

To do this, we help ensure that you get the ring size that’s right for you!

In this guide, we will show you how to determine your ring size so you get a comfortable fit.


How to Measure Your Ring Size

The perfect ring size fits your finger comfortably.

It is tight enough not to slip off, yet loose enough to slide over your knuckles with ease.

To determine the right ring size for you:


A. Measure Your Own Ring

Use a ring you currently own to find out your size.
  1. Choose a ring that perfectly fits the finger you wish to measure exactly.
  2. Measure the inner diameter of the ring.
  3. Check your measurement against our ring size chart, under Diameter (mm).
  4. Choose the larger size if the measurement is in between two sizes.
How to Measure Your Ring Size - Measure Your Own Ring


B. Measure Your Finger

Measure your finger where you will wear the ring.
  1. Wrap a sheet of paper around the base of the finger you wish to measure.
  2. Mark the paper where it creates a full circle.
  3. With a ruler, measure the paper from the starting point to the mark to determine the circumference of your finger.
  4. Check your measurement against our ring size chart, under Circumference (mm).
How to Measure Your Ring Size - Measure Your Finger


Important Note: Did you know that your finger size can change throughout the day? When measuring your finger, we recommend doing it before you sleep. This is when your fingers grow their largest.

Avoid measuring when your hands are cold. Your fingers shrink to half a size smaller when they are cold.


When buying a ring, refer to the chart below. Check the product description to see the available sizes for a specific item.

Ring Size Chart

Customer Reviews

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Joy Mojica
Tibetan Monk ring

I was excited to receive this ring as the quality from Buddha & Karma are exquisite. It was exactly as shown & i also love the logo drawstring bag it came in. The matching packaging was also stylish.
it's truly magical ✨️i listened to a manifestation video & thanked the universe for certain things while wearing it & slept with it on. i didn't know it was unisex. It's definitely a very special piece.

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At Buddha & Karma, we made it our goal to ease your worries about the future so you can live in the moment.

By bringing spiritual items charged with the energy of healing, abundance, love, or protection, we hope to fulfill your intentions so you can focus on the present and enjoy every moment.

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