The Meaning of the Nine-Tailed Fox in Feng Shui: Good or Bad?

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Among the various mythical creatures, the nine-tailed fox is one of the few known for having a good and bad reputation.

In various legends, some people believe that it lures people in with its beauty before killing them.

Others believe that it is a kind creature that helps people in need.

But, what is the true nature of the nine-tailed fox?

Is it okay to wear its symbol as a pendant or have a figurine of it in our homes?

In this post, let's explore the true meaning of the nine-tailed fox. Find out if you should be welcoming this creature into your life or not according to feng shui.

Who is the Nine-Tailed Fox?

The nine-tailed fox is a magical creature known for its silver-white fur and nine tails. Sometimes, it is depicted with golden fur.

It's a majestic fox that is not also known for its beauty but is also recognized for its shape-shifting abilities.

According to eastern folklores, it has the ability to transform into any human form it wants. Most of the time, this creature takes the form of a beautiful woman.

It is said that the nine-tailed fox obtained its powers after practicing for almost 100 years. The more magic it got, the more tails it would grow.

The nine-tailed fox goes by the name "Huli Jing" in Chinese, "kitsune" in Japanese, and "gumiho" in Korean.

These names literally mean "fox spirit".

The Nine-Tailed Fox in Early History

Originating in China, the nine-tailed fox was initially seen as a spirit of good fortune.

In one story, when Yu the Great was battling a big flood, the nine-tailed fox was said to transform itself into a beautiful woman and assisted the king.

It is also believed that this mythical fox would also only appear in prosperous kingdoms.

For this reason, it became an auspicious symbol representing abundance and prosperity.

9 tailed fox meaning


The Nine-Tailed Fox Throughout History

Some years later, the nine-tailed fox would later be seen as a bad omen.

One story tells of how an emperor was so entranced by a nine-tailed fox that he neglected his duties.

Because of this, his kingdom fell apart.

Terrible stories also floated around the nine-tailed fox.

People believe that this creature would transform into a beautiful woman to attract prey. Then, it would later consume its essence so it can live forever.

Because of these stories, the nine-tailed fox became a symbol of evil and was hunted by people.

Nine-Tailed Fox: Is It Good or Bad?

So, is the nine-tailed fox good or bad?

The answer is both.

As with anything else in life, it all depends on how you use it.

For example, if you have a figurine of the nine-tailed fox in your home, it can represent good luck and fortune.

But, if you think it will attract bad luck, then it probably will.

The nine-tailed fox is a powerful creature that can be either your ally or your enemy.

It all boils down to how you think of it and what intention you have for it.

9 tailed fox meaning


Nine-Tailed Fox Meaning in Feng Shui

Despite having a bad reputation, in feng shui, the nine-tailed fox is mostly seen as a good omen.

Most especially, this feng shui symbol represents love.

Because of the nine-tailed fox's ability to seduce men, it is seen as a potent love charm.

If you are single and looking for love, wearing a nine-tailed fox pendant can help you attract your soulmate.

You may also place a figurine of the nine-tailed fox in the relationship area of your home to bring more love into your life. The relationship area is located in the southwest corner of your home.

Aside from attracting love, the nine-tailed fox is also a good luck charm for wealth.

Carrying its symbol can help bring more abundance into your life.

Final Thoughts

The nine-tailed fox is a fascinating creature with a long and rich history.

Whether you see it as a good omen or bad, its powers should not be underestimated.

If you are single and looking for love, the nine-tailed fox can be your ally.

Just remember to set your intention for it so you can attract the right kind of energy into your life.


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