16 Best Crystals for All Stages of Love

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Every crystal has a different energy and vibration for love.

There are crystals that can help with every stage of love, from attracting new love to strengthening existing relationships.

In this blog post, we listed 16 of the best crystals to help you in all stages of love.


Crystals for Attracting New Love

If you’re looking for “the one,” these crystals will aid you in attracting new romance.

Rose Quartz

A stone that lets you love yourself by opening your heart. Rose quartz is a healing stone addresses your emotional baggage to inspire self-love. When you begin to love yourself, you’ll start attracting other people’s attention.

Green Aventurine

This crystal works hand in hand with rose quartz in healing matters of the heart. But, instead of emotions, green aventurine focuses on the physical aspect, inspiring energy and power to go after romance.


The stone of positive transformation, malachite is ideal for guys who want to bring out the best in themselves. This green crystal also grants you strength, wisdom, and courage which can help you to start dating.


Crystals for Strengthening Relationships

Once you’ve found your perfect partner, it’s important to keep the love alive! These crystal options will help you to maintain and strengthen your bond with your partner.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is known for its energy to improve communication. As a stone associated with the throat chakra, it lets you express and share your feelings in a truthful manner. When you’re able to communicate, a healthy relationship eventually follows.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is all about peace and tranquility. If you’re looking for a crystal that will help relieve any tension in your relationship, this is the gemstone you need!


This crystal is well-known for repelling negative energy, making it a perfect option for long relationships. Obsidian also helps you work around toxic behaviors so you can maintain a healthy relationship with your special someone.


If you need help tearing down the wall you built around yourself, kunzite is a helpful stone that can get the task done. This stone also helps inspire unconditional love that will always inspire you to think, speak, and act based on love.


Crystals for Reigniting the Flame

Sometimes, all it takes is a little spark to light the fire of love once again. Here are some crystals that can help get your relationship back on track!


Garnet is a stone of passion, which helps you to feel the fire of love once again. When you start to feel stagnant in your relationship, this red crystal helps stimulate your sexual desires so you can get things moving again.


Carnelian is another crystal of passion that is associated with sexuality. This is particularly helpful if you wish to take risks when it comes to sex. It works by releasing your fears so you can take your relationship to the next level.


If you're looking for more gemstones to build the art of sensuality, ruby got you covered. It's an excellent piece to boost your confidence and self-power so you can reignite the flame in your relationship.


Crystals for Getting Through a Heartbreak

Love doesn’t always end the way you want it to. If your heart was broken, these crystal options can get you moving forward and looking at life in a different light.


Known for its purifying properties, amethyst is an excellent stone to use post-breakup. This purple crystal helps ease the pain of a recent heartbreak. It also helps to clear out any negative energy that may be lingering from the breakup.

Pink Tourmaline

This crystal is helpful to bring back your confidence after a breakup. Tourmaline is also ideal for helping you heal from past hurts and wounds, so you can start looking forward instead of in the rear-view mirror.

Rainbow Moonstone

Dubbed as the "Crystal of New Beginnings," rainbow moonstone helps you accept the situation and work through your feelings so you can eventually move on.


This rose crystal is ideal for those who have been through heartbreak. It helps you to feel more confident, self-assured, and empowered which are all necessary when dealing with a breakup.


Crystals for Fertility and Pregnancy

If you've been trying to conceive a baby, crystal energy can help your efforts. Whether you're pregnant already or are still trying to get pregnant, these crystal options will support and enhance the journey.

Green Jade

This vitality stone is known to be helpful for those trying to conceive. Green jade helps with the overall health of both mom and baby, as well as aiding in the birthing process.

Yellow Jasper

This crystal is known to help with fertility and childbirth. It is believed to support the body's natural ability to conceive.


How to Use Crystals for Love

There are many ways to incorporate crystal healing into your life. Whether you're trying to attract new love or deepen your bond with your partner, you can:

  • Display them at home, particularly in the love area located in the Southwest or in your bedroom
  • Create a crystal grid for love
  • Wear crystals as a piece of jewelry


Wrapping Up

No matter what stage of love you're in, crystal energy can help.

From reigniting the flame to getting through a heartbreak, these crystals will support you along the way.

Use them in any way that feels good to you and see how they can help improve your relationship!

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